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The 3D Micro Endo team provide endodontic therapy for Manhattan patients from their Upper East Side, Gramercy, Tribeca & Brooklyn offices.

A Personal Invitation

Please explore our website to learn more about endodontics, our convenient locations, and the 3D Micro Endo team of dentists.  Please call us to schedule your initial consultation. We look forward to giving you a healthy, lasting smile.

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Endodontics refers to the health and science of a tooth's inner structure. Endodontic therapy, commonly called a root canal, can save a tooth from extraction. When the pulp and nerve within a tooth's canals become inflamed or infected, the tooth will die. To keep the tooth healthy, damaged pulp must be removed and replaced with a man-made substance. This process is called a root canal.

Canals within teeth come in all lengths and shapes, and some have odd curves or corners. Because the canals within a tooth are so small and dark, special lighting and microscopes are required for optimal visibility. Once a root canal is performed, a general dentist should complete the procedure by affixing a crown to the prepared tooth. While not all root canals are successful, the 3D Endo team have a 97% success rate due to our use of advanced techniques that include 3-d scans, microscopes, and rotary instrumentation.

veraview_3De_192pxWe are pleased to announce the arrival of our J Morita 3D Scan.

J Morita’s 3D imaging units have been demonstrated in clinical studies to offer the highest clarity available in the industry, coupled with the lowest dosage of radiation.  The remarkable resolution gained by the imaging technology inherent in this design delivers a result that will change for us, literally, our practice of endodontics. The CT images show resorption and fractures that were very indistinct or not seen at all on conventional 2D digital images. When we realized we would gain visual capacity of lateral canal anatomy before entering the tooth, we knew that having a volumetric image before cutting an access cavity was something we wanted available to us on every case.

We are thrilled and invite you to inquire further about this service that we are pleased to be offering. As always, we look forward to providing your patients with excellent care.

Your Time is Precious

Located near referring dentists' offices, our practices are convenient for most patients. Because your time is valuable, we perform most root canal procedures in a single appointment with the use of technologically advanced tools and techniques. In addition to root canal therapy, Dr. Deblinger, Hoffman, Lea and Jaffe offer apicoectomies and internal bleaching services.


Your Comfort is Important

Oral sedation or nitrous oxide keep patients relaxed and comfortable during therapy. We also use digital X-rays, which emit up to 90-percent less radiation than traditional radiography. With extensive training in endodontic procedures and microsurgery, our dentists offer innovative procedures for optimal results and patient comfort.

Bringing Our Work To The Web

The Micro Endo Learning Center shares endodontic expertise, videos, and interesting cases, with a goal to build a community that continually allows our field to grow.

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